Why Get Acupuncture at work?

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Lifestyle and work are increasingly intertwined. Introducing more ways to provide support and keep you feeling your best while on the job can make all the difference. Acupuncture is a great way to let those aches and pains get addressed while bringing a ‘reset’ to your mind.

What is acupuncture anyway?

Acupuncture (the insertion of single-use, filiform needles into specific acu-points throughout the body,) has been utilized for nearly two centuries. Acupuncture works by reducing the body’s stress response, bringing awareness to pain and tension to be able to let it go while allowing for a greater sense of awareness and calm.

So what can acupuncture do for me especially at work?

Stress is one of the most reported issues at work and since acupuncture reduces the body’s stress response, it can be pivotal to keep you feeling your best. It helps you stay ahead of the neck and shoulder tension, arm numbness and low back pain before they set in as part of your desk

What else can acupuncture do?

Pain relief gets the most attention with this modality since it helps relieve acute or chronic pain, reduces swelling and increases circulation. However Acupuncture is also great at healing and providing relief from a variety of common health issues. Work on your neck pain and your digestion in one session! Here is just a sampling of issues that respond well to treatment.

Wondering how to get acu at work?

Contact your HR department and tell them to reach out to Erika Anderson (owner of Metta Acupuncture) at:

608.729.3389 or email erika.lyn.lac@gmail.com


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