Me with all the donated needles and supplies. Photo taken by Fred Anderson

Wow!  It really does pay off if you ask for what you need :-)
Not only have I grown closer to my original donation goal of $1500.00, I have also obtained enough needles and supplies to benefit the Mnazi Mmoja hospital for much of 2012 :-)
I contacted local and national Acupuncture supply companies over the last few months asking for them to donate needles and any other clinic supplies they were able to give and got an amazing response.  In total I received 19,100 needles, 2 boxes of moxa poles, moxa for warm needle, cotton balls, and close to 35 bottle of chinese herbal formulas!!!!
Thank you again to the staff at People’s Herbs in Clakamas, OR as well as the staff at Lhasa OMS in Massachusetts for donating amazing amounts of supplies.  I also want to thank a few local practitioners for donating some of their supplies as well: Shauna McCraig LAc who works at Working Class Acupuncture in Lents neighborhood (website: ) as well as Lee Rubin-Hullender DAOM, LAc who is full-time faculty at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine ( ).
If you are a Portland practitioner and have any extra needles, sharps containers, moxa or any other un-used product that could be useful in an acupuncture clinic please contact me via my contact page on this website:
Many thank you’s!