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It’s been officially 17 days since I started my blog and began this visual representation of my transition from life as a graduate student toward a life focused on service, healing and giving back.
I am completely overjoyed and excited at the number of amazing conversations, amount of encouragement as well as the generous donations that have taken place since my original post on 8/12/12.  So far people have generously donated almost $500!!
I am so grateful to all of you!  I will be sending out ‘thank you’s’ once I have arrived in Zanzibar and determined how I can embody the island and it’s culture for you to visually experience and enjoy :-)
In addition to monetary donations I am proud to announce that both People’s Herbs, a local Portland area acupuncture supply company as well as Lhasa OMS, a national acupuncture supply company both generously donated much needed needle supplies that I will be carrying with me to the hospital.

People are truly coming out of the woodwork to share their own service experiences abroad and how their experiences were completely life changing.  Even my neighbor who is more private and keeps to himself as he walks his adorable dachshund shared his own journeys and service work abroad while in the navy and how it truly was one of the most memorable times he still looks back on.
I encourage everyone who reads this to think about how they are able to give back to their local or distant community.  I emphasize ‘give’ rather than help as help suggests a inferior and a superior power struggle which does not really fall in alignement with a sense of giving with no strings attached.  Really considering how to give with no desire for a kick-back can make all of us enjoy the world we live in so much more.  Plus it inevitably opens us to people, places and experiences that we hold in our minds and hearts for the rest of our lives.  Think about how you want to plant your own tree ;-)