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Well it seems as though it’s done.
Friday I joined my classmates and walked across the stage in the Newmark theater and moved onto what seems to be the Next Phase.
The graduation ceremony was full of meaningful words about change, transition and how we all have endured some amazing twists and turns, especially in the last year, to come out where we are now.  To aid in our acceptance of change and transition, we even had our very own, bonafide fire alarm mid ceremony which was thankfully not a true threat but still an ever present reminder that we need to be flexible and flow with this Water Dragon year in Chinese astrology.  My friend Kelly pointed out that we got to take a much needed “Chinese fire drill” which was a great opportunity to grab some water, go to the bathroom and take a break from the ceremony that seemed to be ever growing in length.
To aid to this ceremony and ritual, Friday was a Blue Moon, being the second full moon in a single month and it also seemed to mark the end of an era and the beginning of something new but bigger.  It was truly one of the biggest moons I have seen in recent memory… might have had a twinge of extra color but I can’t be sure.
Since then my life has been filled with amazing friends, loving parents, joyful celebrations, tons of food and of course mindful conversations.  I realized as I was with a bunch of friends on Mt Tabor for a sunny picnic celebration that I was never able to project so far into the future to ever imagine that given moment.   Not while I was in school at least, and now that I am here it all seems like a wonderful, unplanned existence.  I feel as though I am happy to just be in a way that I have never been able in the past.

Yes I am looking to the future both the immediate time in Zanzibar working in the hospital and of course I am mindful about what I want to begin after I return back to the NW.   Yet right now I am happy and content to just be right where I am, in the middle, taking note of the changes and possibly preparing for the unknown opportunities that are to come.  Just being here now (to give Mason Jennings a little kick back ;-)
Thanks for reading!