With autumn in full gear it’s time to enjoy the season and take it all in….all except for maybe the colds and flus.

Preparing your mind and body for change can be assisted with some solid acupuncture treatments. If that’s not reason enough, here are a few other reasons that might inspire you:

1. Preventative care is the best kind of care
Working against an illness or health issue is always more challenging than doing the small steps that help you stay healthy most days. Adding a little acupuncture and moxa to your routine will only make your body more efficient and strong to protect you through the transition of the seasons.

2. Compounding issues
If you already have some minor or major health issues, you know that everything feels ten-fold when you add a cold on top of it. Already addressing your root conditions will help you get past the short-term illness faster.

3. Winter is coming and it seems like it’ll be a wet one
Well the half-life/zombies might not be on our doorstep as of yet (sorry, couldn’t help it) but it is predicted to be a very wet and stormy year. Remembering to keep yourself warm and cozy on the inside with lots of teas and warm on the outside with baths and wool socks will keep you feeling a step ahead the winter chills. Top it off with some Acupuncture and you’re nearly winterized!

4. Not getting any younger
You may have begun to notice that as we age, things just take longer (and no I’m not talking about Portland traffic.) Recovering from a long, hard workout, hangovers and even illnesses just takes longer. It doesn’t mean that we won’t stop engaging in these activities but it does mean that getting a little support along the way makes a big difference and keeps us on our game.

5. It does a body good
No milk mustache here, I’m just pointing out the fact that acupuncture only benefits you. It reduces pain, helps you sleep, balances your stress levels, improves digestion and possibly most importantly, helps you let go of unnecessary stressors. Bring on the goodness!

Moxa and needles